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Gabriela Seco established her practice in Johannesburg in 1999, shortly after her return from the USA, where she had completed her master degree in architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The practice derives its character from a passion for architecture, a love for engaging with clients, and a sensitive approach to each new design challenge. Above all, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. As designers we strive to produce innovative, well designed and environmentally appropriate solutions that are informed by the specific climate, context and character of a site, contribute positively to the built environment and add to quality of life. As professionals we endeavour at all times to render exceptional service during all work stages of a project, and to deliver a quality product fully responsive to the client’s brief, and developed within the client’s defined financial and time constraints.

In the residential market we work on individual houses of all scales, estate housing and group housing, and have significant expertise in interventions within a heritage context. In the public and commercial sectors, we take on smaller to medium-sized projects, with prior experience including museums and libraries, hotels, restaurants and club houses, industrial buildings, corporate offices and commercial interiors.



We undertake a full design process, from inception and clarification of the briefing parameters and first conceptual ideas, to refinement at a detail level, aiming at all times to offer a bespoke solution, which answers all the client’s needs and expectations.


Through good working relationships with a network of professionals in related fields, such as engineering, quantity surveying and town planning, we can assist to ensure all your needs are covered.


We work towards full compliance of your project with applicable building codes and standards and undertake the necessary steps to put in place statutorily required approvals, such as site development plan and building plan submissions, or heritage and town planning consent applications.


We guide our clients through the steps of moving from design to implementation.


We offer a full professional contract administration service in the context of industry-standard construction contracts as principal agents on behalf of a client. We take a project through from site handover to final completion.


In all our projects we endeavour to maintain a constructive, personal working relationship with our clients, to listen and give professional advice in equal measure, in an ongoing effort to ensure our client’s highest expectations are met.

Gabriela Seco

M Arch (UPenn, Pennsylvania, USA)
B Arch (UNC, Córdoba, Argentina)
Pr Arch (SACAP Reg. No. 5301)
MI Arch (SAIA Member No 6731)

Gabriela Seco established her practice in Johannesburg in May 1999 after years of study and work, which reinforced her love for architecture, and shaped her particular approach to the profession.

Her professional education was initially anchored through a Bachelor of Architecture degree from National University of Córdoba, Argentina (1980-1986). She later furthered her professional qualifications through a number of specialized master classes at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA, which led to her Master Degree of Architecture with commendation in 1996. Under the theme “Space, Subject and Language”, the master classes included studies on the application of advanced technology in architecture, and studio design work on tensile and glass structures under Peter McCleary and James Carpenter. She subsequently conducted field work and studies as part of the University’s  ongoing community development and the restoration program for the Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA, under the direction of Tony Atkins. Gabriela also was a member during the summer 1995 of the architectural team at the Aphrodisias Archaeological Dig-Research Project Survey, at Geyre, Turkey, which was run by the New York University. The architectural team assisted the team of archaeologists with documentation of excavations and finds.

Prior to her masters studies Gabriela worked for the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Restoration Department, Córdoba Ministry of Culture, where she was involved in the restoration of historical monuments. She was part of the team of architects which supervised the restoration of the Museum Marques de Sobremonte and the Theatre General San Martin. She was recruited from Córdoba to join Meyer Pienaar Architects in Johannesburg, where she worked for two years. She was a director at Messaris Wapenaar Architects, Johannesburg, prior to setting out on her own.

Gabriela has travelled extensively and now lives in Johannesburg with her husband, with whom she shares a love of exploring cites and natural wild places alike.