Standard Bank Middleberg



Standard Bank, in its commitment to sustainability, has breathed new life into an old parking lot. Situated behind one of its branches, the Bank set out to change both the mindset and wellbeing of their staff by doing things differently. Whilst the status quo had always been for staff to be allocated dedicated parking bays, parking has now been completely removed. This could be done as studies showed that the branch was within walking distance of several different commuting stations (e.g. bus and taxi).

The brief was to design an outdoor area for staff members to break away, relax and interact with co-workers.

Other factors considered included reuse of materials (i.e. existing paving); green procurement (locally sourced products); concealment of utilities (like the generator area and store/ yard) and value for money. One design idea is shown here – a simple courtyard, framed with four trees to provide shade and greenery. For flexibility, strategically placed fixed benches were coupled with loose furniture, Texture was introduced through cut-outs in the paving, which could be filled with pebbles, and a different paving colours. The result? A space to boost creativity, supporting the Bank’s vision of not only building greener, but also living greener.