This 1950’s house, simple and modest at a glance, offered some intriguing elements which served to guide its remodelling. C-shaped in plan, this single-storey home encloses a courtyard as the main organizing space. By cutting into the sloping site, a lower-lying parking forecourt and access route to the front door had been tucked underneath the floating bedroom wing.

Flanked by a garden, the access route leads up a set of stairs to an entrance door located in the courtyard. This access route is articulated by a long triangular clerestory under a sloping roof, extending the full length of the access path, from the floating bedroom wing to the main entrance door.

Gabriela Seco Architects refurbished the complete house, and, as a central feature, remodelled the roof floating above the clerestory along the access route by expanding it beyond the entrance porch so as to create an enlarged reception and entertainment area and adjoining swimming pool within the courtyard garden.

Supported by simple natural materials in the finishing palette, and an integrated landscape design, the insertion blends comfortably with the idiosyncratic architecture of the original house.