Pavilion at Heritage House


Transforming a simple and unconnected outbuilding and reconciling it to its main heritage house presented some unique opportunities for this project in Parkview.

We opened the rooms up internally to create an open plan rectilinear guest bedroom and work area, with an en suite bathroom to the back. Simple raw finishes complement both buildings, as seen in the cement floors, steel structure and aluminium windows.

Connection to the main house, which was of heritage value in terms of the age of the building, was achieved through the use of a modern, light weight roof covering an L-shaped veranda.

This project really brought together the new and old, taking inspiration from the past and tying it to the modern day, to create a family home that the clients love. The light and airy atmosphere created by mixing of the different elements allows for spaces to flow easily from one room to the next, giving value to the outbuilding, on a modest budget, where previously there was none.