Melrose Estate



Set in beautiful grounds surrounded by treed streets at the heart of Melrose Estate, this 1920’s home had retained some of its former grandeur, worthy of restoration. A number of prior alteration projects on the northern part had seen its architectural integrity diluted by a loss of flow through small, uncoordinated rooms, an overall layout that did not suit the clients’ requirements and inconsistent architectural treatment.

Gabriela Seco Architects decided to retain the south side-access hall to the house and stairwell with its original elements, and minor repairs to bring them to the fore, and to remodel the north side of the house, retaining the original style of the house.

In the entrance hall, the glazed entrance screen and door, the old timber stairs and balustrade, and a large glazed dividing screen & door between the hall and the living areas were restored.

The kitchen and family room were integrated into a larger family living space, and the ground floor was expanded by adding a large “Live-in patio” to allow family life to spill out into the northern garden.

The first floor was remodelled by re-sizing the existing bathrooms and bedrooms to achieve improved flow and spatial quality, and by placing the new master bedroom suite above the new patio to the north.

While the overall architectural articulation is in keeping with this old-world house, bathrooms and the kitchen were modernized, and a new spatial generosity has revived the house for a modern lifestyle.